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Sarah Coventry Jewellery

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Sarah Coventry & Emmons Jewellery

Sarah Coventry was a popular line of jewellery set up in the 1949 by Emmons Jewelry Inc. as a companion line. Both were sold at in-home jewellery parties in the manner of Avon cosmetics. However, whereas Emmons made its own jewellery, it commissioned third party manufacturers to make its Sarah Coventry pieces.

Emmons Jewelry Inc. was the fist to be founded in 1948 as Emmons Home by Lyman K. Stuart who named it for his mother Caroline Emmons Stuart. A year later he established Sarah Coventry named after Sarah Coventry Beale, who some believe was his daughter but others say was his granddaughter.

Both companies declared bankruptcy in 1981. Sarah Coventry briefly re-emerged under new ownership but never regained the popularity it had enjoyed in the 50's and 60's and closed for good.

Sarah Coventry used several marks to identify the brand to include ©SARAHCOV,
©SARAH, SAC, Sarah Cov and ©COVENTRY. It was often sold in sets but these were broken up over the years, so collectors enjoy looking out for single pieces in order to restore original sets.

Emmons Jewelry displayed the following marks - a small e tucked inside a larger C sited under a crown, the letters EmJ, the brand name - Emmons, either as a stand alone or displaying the copyright © symbol. If this is place above the name it indicates an early piece and later pieces displayed the symbol to the left.

Vintage Jewellery | Vintage Jewellery by Designer |  Sarah Coventry Jewellery

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