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Ola Gorie Vintage Jewellery

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Ola Gorie Jewellery

Ola Gorie is considered one of Britain’s leading jewellery brands with a reputation for high quality craftsmanship and creations that blend innovation with tradition. Her workshop ñ in the Orkney Islands, off the North coast of Scotland ñ rolls out each piece to the most exacting of standards. A pioneer of the Scottish jewellery industry, Ola Gorie returned from art college in 1960 and drew on the islands for inspiration. Her award-winning designs quickly gained approval at home and abroad and her name became synonymous with stylish, finely crafted Scottish and Celtic jewellery. Ola Gorie's achievements were recognised in 1999 with the award of an MBE. Gorie frequently appears in judges’ lists for prestigious awards such as the Scottish Gift of the Year, (winning in 1997 with May Queen, short listed in 1998 with Jasmine and again in 2003 with Rossetti) and the Kayman Award (runner up in 2000). Her continuing tradition of excellence is underlined by the World Gold Council’s invitation to participate in ’Evocative Gold ñ A New Renaissance’. Launched at Vicenza in 2001, the exhibition travelled worldwide, presenting collections from 12 countries. Ola Gorie, one of only ten British companies to be invited for the project, created the Eve Limited Edition neckwear, now part of her new collection. Ola Gorie has launched five new collections for Autumn/Winter 2006 ranging from traditional classics to contemporary designs.

Vintage Jewellery | Vintage Jewellery by Designer |  Ola Gorie Vintage Jewellery

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