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Modernist Designer Jewellery

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Modernist Jewellery

Modernist jewellery are recognisable by their designs that draw inspiration from the "modernism movements" of different eras. Generally, these designs break the simple monotony that may invariably set-in in any kind of art form. Manufacturers, thus, take an opportunity to offer some new designs for enhancing their appeal to customers. The beginning of modernism can be traced back to the 1890s. Interestingly, the jewellery that was manufactured with different designs to break monotonous trends then, are sold as antique items today. In every modernist period, some base themes can be observed. These may include geometrical shapes or patterns inspired from nature. However, these motifs are not portrayed in their original forms. In fact, an artist would try to showcase his interpretation of nature through these designs. Modernist jewellery may be made in different types of materials or metals. Contemporary modernist jewellery is often made from plastic, wooden beads, coffee beans, glass, etc. In the past, however, they were primarily manufactured from different types of metals. Additionally, the jewellery may be adorned with enamel of different colours or embedded with stones. Most modernist jewellery manufacturers have mastered the art. They generally have a team of designers that consistently studies the market and provides creative designs for the creation of a wide range of jewellery ranging from neck-pieces to earring and brooches.

Vintage Jewellery | Vintage Jewellery by Designer |  Modernist Designer Jewellery

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