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Miriam Haskell Jewellery

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Miriam Haskell Vintage Jewellery

We have an ever changing selection of exquisite vintage Miriam Haskell Jewellery. Miriam Haskell (July 1, 1899-July 14, 1981) was an American designer of costume jewellery. Like Hattie Carnegie, Haskell founded her own company, one that still bears her name. With her creative partner Frank Hess, she invented affordable pieces of stunning originality from 1920 through the 1950s. Vintage examples and samples of Miriam Haskell designs are now much sought, held in both private collections and museums internationally.

Miriam Haskell jewellery became a hot commodity during the Art Nouveau period. Her pieces were inspired by the outdoors; many of her pins, necklaces and earrings reflected animals, flowers and other gifts from Mother Nature. She began her commercial jewellery business in 1924 with the help of Frank Hess, a leading designer with unmatched technical skills. Together, they created jewellery that is still coveted by women today, nearly a century later.Vintage Miriam Haskell jewellery is ornate. The time and effort that went in to her handmade pieces were reflected in price. She used only the highest quality materials from France, Italy and Bohemia and put those materials to work through complicated, challenging techniques. The public quickly adopted her styles, pushing her onward toward success.World War II slowed business dramatically. Without the ability to import fine materials from Europe, Haskell was forced to use materials closer to home. For the first time, Miriam Haskell jewellery included plastics and local crystals and beads. To maintain consumer interest, Haskell began designing patriotic jewelry in an effort to support the war. These pieces are now highly collectible.When the war was over, fine clothing and jewels returned to the social scene. Vibrant colors and playful and feminine designs were signature Miriam Haskell in the 1950s. At this point, Miriam Haskell brooches, earrings, and necklaces were now being marked or signed, a move that still has jewelry collectors on the hunt for Haskell's original work. Much of her use of beads and colors has resurfaced in today's jewellery trends. And while it may be difficult to find authentic signed Miriam Haskell vintage costume jewelry, her inspiration can be found in many current pieces

Vintage Jewellery | Vintage Jewellery by Designer |  Miriam Haskell Jewellery

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