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James Avery Jewellery

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James Avery Vintage Jewellery

James Avery flew 44 missions to Germany in World War II before he returned to Illinois to pursue his passion--industrial design. He taught for a few years at the University of Colorado where he uncovered his love for jewellery-making. Inspired, Avery began his own jewellery business out of a two-car garage back in 1954. He had only a few work tools, a simple workbench and $250 to his name. His goal was to create jewellery that was both functional and expressive. James Avery was adamant about creating lasting relationships with his customers--a strategy that has paid off for the last 50 years. In 1957, James Avery's jewellery business took a gigantic leap forward. He created a 16-page catalog which featured just 39 handmade items, setting him apart within the jewellery world. James Avery's business has grown substantially from his original 16-page catalog. Today, the inventory contains 1,100 unique designs and approximately 14,000 individual pieces. His work is constructed from sterling silver, 14k and 18k yellow and white gold. Some items feature gemstones, and the collection offers jewellery for both men and women. Because of the craftsmanship this company is known for, James Avery jewellery makes for a classy gift. A James Avery ring can symbolize enduring feelings, while the style can complement the wearer's individuality. To this day, James Avery designs all share four founding values, simplicity, integrity, meaning and universality. These are the foundations James Avery himself created back in 1954, and they continue to play a major part in the company's product line today.

Vintage Jewellery | Vintage Jewellery by Designer |  James Avery Jewellery

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